Yexis Solutions: Simplifying AV & Digital Signage Solutions Through Customization

CIO Vendor From his college days with the goal of becoming an entrepreneur. With three years of job experience, he founded Yexis Solutions, the name of which he created during his graduating days. Now, after an 10-year journey as an ardent entrepreneur, he is enjoying and developing his team in order to further the company's overall growth.

According to a research report by Research and Markets, the India Digital Signage market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 15.1 percent until 2025. Major factors driving the growth of this market are the increasing advertising spending by companies in the number of promotional campaigns and the volume of marketing activities in the Indian market. One such company offering a unique smart digital signage platform for managing the client distribution of place-based targeted messages and branded experience across network displays is Chennai-based Yexis Solutions. This smart digital signage platform is designed intelligently to scale with the growing demands of the Digital Out-of-Home (OOH) industry.

Yexis Solutions has successfully carried out numerous implementations of high scale Digital Signage Solutions in South India and across India for various major clients across sectors, from Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Banking, Educational, Corporates to retail. Established in 2010, Yexis Solutions began its journey as an Audio-Video Integrator in Chennai.

The company not only offers complete integration and installation of audio-video products/Solutions but also renders service support and end-to-end services of AV solutions. In 2012, the company formed two major divisions, comprising integration and distribution, and today, Yexis Solutions is both a system integrator and an audio-video distributor of the world's most trusted and renowned brands like Samsung, Kramer, Harman, etc. The company offers Samsung Video walls and Samsung signage displays as well.

End-To-End Av Integration
While Yexis offers complete end-to-end AV integration Solutions, the company’s major portion (around 80 percent) of the business is from the digital signage solutions segment.

“Our major business focus is on the digital signage and the video wall solutions landscape,” says Saleem Basha, CEO, Yexis Solutions. “We do not partner with any other brands apart from Samsung in the digital signage solutions segment,” he adds.

Robust Technical Team
Yexis’ robust technical team devises even complex AV solutions effortlessly in an easier manner for end-users and clients.

“We do not compete with any other solution providers in this landscape rather we compete with ourselves to evolve and grow as a better and the best solution provider. Furthermore, as said we work with the best and trusted partners in this segment such as Samsung,
Kramer, Casio, Poly, and Jabra. Therefore, the need for competing with other players does not arise since we believe everyone is good in their own right and our main focus is to only ensure that our clients are provided with the best solutions and best customer experience,” affirms Saleem. What differentiates Yexis Solutions is its ability to customize complex challenges proposed by its clients in order to deliver operational excellence.

Wide Range Of Clients
Yexis Solutions caters to clients across industries. Some of its esteemed clients include Cholamandalam Investments, Coromandel International, Freshworks, VIT University, TAFE, Ashok Leyland, MRF, Wipro, Siemens, Apollo Hospitals, L&T, Wabco, Daimler, Danfoss Industries, TVS Group, SRM Group, Sanmar Group, GMR, Nokia, CSS Corp, GRT Group and many others.

Decades Of Industry Experience
Yexis Solutions is safeguarded by strong management members governing the internal as well as the external activities of the company. With decades of industry experience by the top management leaders, Yexis has paved way for sustainable growth and continuous improvements every day. In order to reach its full potential, Yexis is well-organized around key factors such as customer relationships and key markets. Yexis Solutions’ vision is to be the most trusted partner for providing business value through the convergence of technologies.

What differentiates Yexis solutions is its ability to customize complex challenges proposed by its clients in order to deliver operational excellence

Approach For A Holistic Solution
Yexis provides the voice and sight of Network convergence, which facilitates in obtaining fast and furious distribution of information. This helps businesses to leap into new frontiers through new advances in technologies. Moreover, Yexis brings about synchronization in the network as a symphony in an orchestra leading to optimization and tremendous value for its clients. The company’s trained and experienced engineers deliver a seamless flow of technology that includes Audio Visual Solutions, Digital Signage Solutions, Security Solutions in multiple domains.

“Today, the services we offer through our expertise in multiple domains make us the most preferred partner for our ever-growing list of satisfied customers. It is not just the services we offer that bring us the customers but it is also the 360-degree view of the customer that we undertake, is what helps us in customer retention and enables us to offer a holistic solution,” affirms Saleem.

Empowered Workforce
“Our short-term goal is to become INR 250 crore company, specifically in the AV solutions space. However, this will not be possible without the collective efforts of our employees, who are also one of the most valuable assets of our organization. If you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your customers and the customers will keep coming back again and again,” as stated by John Willard Marriott, I would also emphasize taking care of my employees as they are one of the major reasons for the growth and success of Yexis Solutions,” concludes Saleem.