Unseen Era Technologies: Improving Process Automation with Machine Vision Solutions

CIO Vendor Industry 4.0 is a game changer for the Indian market and is hugely impacting the evolution of human of new technologies such as AI, IoT, and others. Customers today, expect solutions to be cost-effective as well as user-friendly. A human machine interface shouldn’t create a hindrance between the processes and the system must be easy to extend to other operations as well. Lastly, communication protocols must be the same, and customization options should be available for future applications.

Perfectly understanding the afore-mentioned requirements of clients, Haryana (Chandigarh)-based Unseen Era Technologies comes to the fore with an ideal solution that meets such needs. The solution not only fits the current scenario but also proves to be reliable for future industrial processes. While the company ensures that optimizations are made to support AI and IoT Platforms, it also ensures that the customers do not compromise with their production and quality to keep the supply chain uninterrupted.

Specialized in offering Industry 4.0 Solutions, Unseen Era Technologies’ expertise is in Machine Vision Solutions. To check the overall physical quality of a product, inspection systems play a vital role, which includes physical analysis of products through a vision camera which is an AI-based smart system.

Unseen Era’s expertise in surveying and suggesting to improve automation with smart cameras and vision sensors based on the deep learning concept of AI, combined with the ability to collect real-time data not only saves time and money, but also becomes a critical point of interest for quality control opportunities in production. By combining machine vision inspections and barcode reading in one simple device, customers can simplify their installation efforts, provide cost savings, and most importantly have a clear record and reports of their manufacturing process.

“Imaging technology will remain a point of focus and smart investment, particularly for developing the next generation of solutions in growing global markets,” says Naveen Jain, CEO, Unseen Era Technologies.

Unseen Era Technologies offers a wide variety of Sensors (Sensing solutions), and Solutions
in Machine Safety Devices comprising Safety Curtain, Safety Scanner and safety switches for Robotic areas and automated processes for detecting Human Interference in a particular section.

Wide Range of IoT Software Solutions
IoT devices collect data in encrypted form from various sections of a plant and then send the data to the centralised system in decrypted form.
Some of the IoT software solutions offered by Unseen Era Technologies in this category include Production Management System, Warehouse Management System, Centralised Data logging & Monitoring Systems, Downtime Monitoring Systems, and Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Solutions.

What differentiates Unseen Era Technologies is the customization the company offers in the Deep Learning and AI segment that enables clients to automate most of their processes without much human intervention

The aforementioned products have a great impact on today’s manufacturing units since they not only help in saving time, but also increase the productivity by eliminating the manual and tedious job performed manually. These systems help in faster, better, and safely manufacturing the products. Any industry that is investing in these systems can see a lot of difference in the final product manufacturing, and also, re-work on faulty products is reduced to a greater extent.

What differentiates Unseen Era Technologies is the customization the company offers in the Deep Learning and AI segment that enables clients to automate most of their processes without much human intervention.

Industry Expertise
Unseen Era’s R&D Team comprises some of the best industry experts in terms of experience in the industrial field. Furthermore, the company’s vision systems help in identifying even the minute defects in the manufacturing process with accuracy and repeatability.

Talking about the future plans, Naveen says, “We are planning to up-grade the existing systems & software and develop new systems for pain areas of industrial process, and developing solutions for other segments such as Power Plants, Textiles, Government sectors, and others".