Kewaunee International Group: Empowering Industries with Next-Gen IoT-enabled Laboratories

CIO Vendor In the last five years, the IoT market has been experiencing exponential growth with various industries adopting Industry 4.0 across all functions. This advancing technology is revolutionizing R&D laboratories within the healthcare, construction, chemical, education and manufacturing sectors, to name a few. This growth can be attributed to benefits like increased productivity, improved efficiency, optimized performance, operational agility, and so on. Implementation of various new technologies like AI, AR, and VR complementing industry 4.0 is further propelling this growth.

However, there are several challenges, both internal and external, encountered while deploying IoT solutions. Organizations need to consult and first identify the right pain points within the business that need to be addressed. Secondly, the entire hierarchy within the organization needs to embrace this technology with an open mind. Lack of automation standards and extended decision-making cycles are two more hurdles encountered. Moreover, organizations need to find the right solution provider possessing in-depth expertise, a skilled team of professionals and the right solution to ensure the success of the investment made.

Having carved a niche for itself in this sector is Kewaunee International Group. Founded in 1906, the company combines its century-long Manufacturing and Infrastructure expertise with Industry 4.0 technologies to deliver Next-Generation laboratories to their clients in every industry segment. “We are proud of being a market leader and help create an exceptional customer experience in the Research and Development space for both, the Government and private sector,” adds B. Sathyamurthy, MD, Kewaunee International
Group. The team of experts at Kewaunee work with the client to understand the various pain points and requirements & fashion the solution accordingly.

Offering a Comprehensive Suite of Solutions
Kewaunee Green Guardian is one of the key offerings of the company. The AI-enabled solution has been designed and developed to transform a laboratory into a green and safe lab. The smart IoT-based solution can scale up to any size depending on the client’s requirement. It offers round-the-clock automated monitoring and alerting for the lab’s safety and energy efficiency.

Another core offering is the Virtual Reality Collaboration Hub. It offers clients a platform to visualize, customize, and experience how one would envision the lab right from scratch. Otherwise, it will prove to be very expensive without augmented reality. In addition to this AR tools, an AR offering allow its customers, by selecting the right components and testing suitability for the project, to take informed decisions on lab infrastructures products. "Every Kewaunee project is approved for construction through AR tools. We build these laboratory facilities on a Brownfield or Greenfield basis. Customers partner with us to design the entire facility and we build from wall-to-wall, a completely furnished functional lab that complies with International standards," explains Sathyamurthy.

We have risen to become a world leader in laboratory furniture design and manufacturing

Holding the leadership position in this market, the company has been awarded the Customer Obsession Award by CII in 2020 and 2017 in tandem with several other prestigious awards in the Innovation and Business excellence segment from national and international forums. The company has worked with several well renowned customers on a plethora of successful projects, owing to its customer-centric approach. The company currently works with over 2000 clients across the Asia-Pacific region and envisions helping them go digital in the next five years.