YOptima: Transforming Data into Actionable Insights and ROI for Marketers via Programmatic Marketing

Satish Kadu, Founder& CEO
Digital transformation is on every CMO's and CIO’s to-do list now. Programmatic Marketing is one of the key marketing tools on their digital transformation agenda, as it enables marketing automation, precision targeting and scalable reach on the open internet.

Programmatic Marketing, with its greater transparency and control, has emerged as the next pillar of trusted advertising, beyond the famed duopoly of Face book and Google. However, Programmatic Marketing has its share of challenges too, primarily due to:

1. Shortage of programmatic skills within organizations
2. In efficient handling of data and audience targeting
3. Difficulties in tracking attribution

Having recognized these challenges at an early stage, Bangalore based YOptima, a leading Full-Funnel Programmatic Marketing platform, provides marketers across industries an edge over competition with Greater Reach and Improved Transparency and Targeting.

Full Funnel Audience Targeting
YOptima helps brands increase engagement with their target audience in a brand safe environment, via precision-targeted campaigns across the marketing funnel:

1. Brand awareness
2. Prospecting
3. Remarketing and
4. Re-engagement, including reselling, upselling and audience monetization.

YOptima optimizes audience targeted media buys to deliver relevant outcomes for marketers, and enables them to discover unique audience insights even before they spend on media. For instance, one of the premium online furniture retail brands discovered that its most valuable customers were world news junkies, frequent business travelers and expectant mothers.
YOptima’s technology stack includes a proprietary Machine Learning based Demand Side Platform (DSP), an integrated Data Modeling Platform (DMP)and several bestin class 3rd party technologies.

“Marketers and agencies love YOptima for its Customer Focused Solutions and ‘Insights First’ approach (Pretargeting). Combining the power of its innovative proprietary stack with outcome driven managed service, YOptima delivers superior marketing ROI at scale” explains Satish Kadu, Founder & CEO of YOptima.

Innovative Proprietary Technology Stack
Instabid, the Enterprise class DSP,is programmatically plugged into major Ad Exchanges across display, mobile and video ads. The platform is built as an Autopilot Marketing Engine that needs little human intervention and campaign management.

AudienceX is an integrated DMP that presents to marketers a unified consumer journey across myriad digital touch points, and builds lookalikes of their best customers. It also empowers data-rich publishers to run their own private audience network enabling use cases such as audience extension and audience monetization. For instance, one of the leading online real estate aggregators registered 5x increase in targeted reach for its audience monetization business that ran real estate developers’ pre-launch campaigns.

DeepView is a powerful campaign optimization tool built using YOptima’s domain expertise combined with advanced statistical and machine learning techniques. By mining campaign performance logs across multiple DSPs, DeepView provides automated insights and recommendations around hot spots and cold spots for outcome optimization. It overcomes several limitations of manual data analysis, and greatly improves ROI with higher throughput.

Way Forward for YOptima
Over five years of its existence, YOptima has gained deep expertise in the Programmatic space with its innovative data and technology driven approach. It has helped deliver higher ROI for Indian and global brands across CPG/FMCG, Tech, B2B, Gaming, Real Estate, Financial Services, Retail, Education, Travel, Autos, Telco and many other industry verticals. YOptima intends to deepen its product investment and build stronger global business footprint in the coming years.