Sizmek: Focusing on the Key Issue of Transparency for Media Buyers

Raghu Seelamsetty, MD
Personalized targeting and engagement with the potential consumers has been made seamless to a large extent through Ad Technology, helping brands to better utilize their Ad Budget. The use of big data by Ad Tech Companies has made it possible for advertisers and agencies to run cost effective and customer focused ad campaigns. However, in Digital Marketing Landscape, opacity in terms of business operation has really been one of the biggest issues for advertisers and agencies. With a resolve to provide transparency to buyers, Sizmek, an independent, media neutral Ad Tech Company with a quality team provides real time support to its clients around the globe. “Whatever we do, we do it in a transparent manner. So when customers invest in media they know exactly what they are paying for and what they are getting. That’s one of our biggest differentiators and we pay a lot of attention to it especially in this market which is highly skewed towards some of the big publishers. We are trying to add support to the buy-side, providing tools and technologies to the buy-side to run their business more efficiently and in a transparent manner,” comments Raghu Seelamsetty, Managing Director of Sizmek - India and South Korea.

Sizmek has carved a niche for itself in the Indian market by providing solution to the Buy side of the business. Being in India for 10 years now, Sizmek has worked across many verticals providing solutions for automotive industry, banking sector, OEMs, telecom companies,FMCG and others. Working with large players of various segments has provided us with many success stories. Sizmek collects a lot of data not
just in terms of reach and frequency but also from user engagement perspective. It provides data which generates better insights to help the agencies understand what sort of campaigns are performing well for customers.

We are trying to add support to the buyside, providing tools and Technologies to the buy-side to run their business more efficiently and in a transparent manner

Sizmek also enhances the decision making capabilities for future and real time campaigns on whether to move away or stick to certain tone of ad or creative. “Our solutions are designed to bring efficiencies to media buyers,” emphasizes Raghu.

Equipped with the capability to nalyze large amounts of data in terms of context, Sizmek uses its analytics to customize the creative for consumer, making one to one conversation possible between a consumer and brand. “We have architected ourselves to be able to ingest many types of data, learn patterns from that data. We are able to communicate better with our clients’ customers and show them the right ads to help them engage or appeal to a certain kind of audience,” adds Raghu.

With the proliferation of devices and interfaces, new types of data will be created at scale and Sizmek will continue to play a major role in providing tools and services to agencies and advertisers and help them become even more efficient.