RelayMobi: Maximizing Revenue Generation with Smart Mobile Advertising

Pankaj Upadhyay, Co-Founder& Business Head
The Digital Marketing industry has gained immense momentum over the past decade, where the mass penetration of internet into everyday life, increased ubiquity of mobile devices and the prolific rise of social media, have together transformed the way marketing is consummated today. Among the different streams of digital marketing, mobile has grown to be an important area of focus for marketers in India with mobile advertising expenditure forecasted to reach USD 1.73 billion by 2021. However, despite these advancements, the mobile advertising segment continues to remain challenging for marketers as methods, costs, and effectiveness of reaching potential consumers remain some what vague owing to the lack of quality data and problems in targeting audiences. Furthermore, with consumers being resistant and distrustful of ads, organizations face challenges in creating high quality content that can appeal to customers and result in better app monetization. Perfectly understanding these challenges, New Delhi headquartered VRelay Online Pvt Ltd. steps forward to resolve them with its smart advertising platform – RelayMobi, to help organizations maximize revenues and drive their business growth.

Established in 2016, VRelay Online was founded with a vision to provide innovative solutions to mobile companies across all geographies to help them acquire quality users and increase yield on revenues. Combining its technical expertise with market knowledge, the company created its own Smart Mobile Advertising Platform- RelayMobi, to serve the needs of advertisers, publishers as well as app developers, and help them optimize their app monetization capabilities. “RelayMobi employs cutting edge technologies and creative campaigns that are designed for the targeted audience, to provide advertisers and publishers with good monetizing capabilities
through which they can double their earnings,” explains Pankaj Upadhyay, Co-founder& Business Head, VRelay Online.

RelayMobi employs cutting edge technologies and creative campaigns that are designed for the targeted audience, to provide advertisers and publishers with good monetizing capabilities

In order to equip its users with better revenue generation capabilities, RelayMobi focuses extensively on building good user experiences and creating highly authentic and relevant ad content that is non-interruptive and can blend seamlessly into the user experience of the app. Recognizing the challenges in identifying and targeting audiences in a rapidly changing digital space, the platform also carries out data optimization through analysis where data is studied on a regular basis, to deliver better results to its customers. Further more, for advertisers looking to geotarget ads or create IP level and device-specific targeting, RelayMobi runs multiple national and international Geo campaigns and also allows for the targeting of campaigns as per the customer’s KPIs, to ensure better campaign success.

Despite a recent beginning in the industry, VRelay Online has delivered a number of successful campaigns to its clients across the globe and has gained adequate expertise through its various engagements. According to Pankaj, another factor that has contributed to the company’s success is its trusted partnerships with advertisers and publishers which have helped the organization a in a good standing in the industry. Leveraging this position, the company is en route to launching a range of new digital products to creatively optimize monetization capabilities for its customers, in the upcoming future.