Zamstars Marketing On The Dark Side: The Secret Formula to Drive Business Growth

Sivaram Kuppachi, CEO& Quarterback
When you walk on the busy streets of Koramangala, a CBD of the Silicon Valley of India- Bangalore, you will experience an aura that is filled with a zeal for innovation. The place buzzes with an innate drive to come up with new ideas to solve the next problem. There is a constant thrust to innovate and develop path breaking solutions, however, entrepreneurs or decision makers of organisations across the world seldom realise that their brainchild will not stand the test of time, unless the key internal problem is fixed first.

In most of the organizations, the key functions of business growth - Marketing, Branding, and Sales operate in silos, posing a serious threat to the existence of the organization. Although, digitalization has transformed these functions to a large extent, the solution to the problem lies in blending these functions seamlessly. While lead generation and customer acquisition remain the lifeblood of any business, today’s businesses are more often inclined towards immediate revenue generation as opposed to building real brand awareness. Consequently, brands fail to communicate with their consumers on a deeper level and are unable to promote their brand proposition and value beyond the product offering. Furthermore, the digital marketing strategies employed to increase a brand’s reach often turn out to be digital noise and fail to meet their real objective of increasing a consumer’s Top of the Mind Awareness(TOMA)and Intent to Purchase (ITP).

Zamstars Management Services(India) Private Limited helps businesses address these challenges by providing them with a blend of Marketing, Branding and Sales Services to bring sustainable brand value thereby driving their business growth. Established in 2013, Zamstars was founded by a group of three friends, Sivaram Kuppachi, Romi Chugh and Vish Sivaswamy, who were united by their vision to address the gap between the three most critical functions in an organization - Marketing, Branding and Sales. Realizing that these three functions rarely work together, the trio conceived a formula-‘{m+b+s}e=g’, which represents marketing, branding and sales, working together in cohesion with the power of execution, to drive business growth. This formula is now the mantra on which Zamstars operates to enable its customers to achieve their desired outcomes and grow to their full potential.

“As an outcome driven company that believes in the power of execution, Zamstars not only aims for lead generation but to also build a lasting connection between the brand and its consumers,” affirms Sivaram Kuppachi, Founder- CEO and Quarterback of Zamstars. The company works with its clients on an execution + outcome model and lays special emphasis on understanding its client's business as well as the client's customers. “Founded on the philosophy of behavior, Zamstars firmly believes that the key to serving brands better lies in understanding the end-consumer, deploying technologies to gain insights on consumer behavior, and leveraging this data to deliver successful campaigns,” adds Kuppachi.

Zamstars’ expansive portfolio of offerings includes Digital Marketing, Branding, Lead Generation, Sales Enablement, Market Research, Digital Transformation, Media Planning and Strategic Consulting Services. The company has also ventured into developing its own inhouse tools for Analytics, CRM and Media Planning, i.e. Zamalytics, Zam S3 and ZamMP in order to support its services and improve customer experience.

Unique Approach to Branding and Execution
Good brand management calls for strengthening the consumers’ brand recall at all times. However, technology disruption today has heightened the consumers’ expectations for not only the product but also the brand image and reputation. This, in turn, demands intelligent Brand Communication, aptly positioned in a way that reflects the brand propositions and its true values. Keeping this in mind, Zamstars provides branding services that are governed by optimal processes, extensive brand research and client briefs. With services that concentrate on Brand Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Collateral, Identity and Execution, Zamstars works towards careful auditing, architecture and positioning of the brand, designing collateral in a way as to invoke inspiration while adhering to brand guidelines, and employing Digital Marketing strategies to create adequate Brand Awareness and Brand Reach. The company also differentiates itself in its ability to align its strategies with the end-consumer behavior. “The Zamstars team dedicates its time and resources to gain a deep understanding of the brand and the consumers, which we exhibit through our strength of execution,” reveals Kuppachi.

Another standout factor is Zamstars’ approach to execution, where the company believes in taking swift decisions and making those decisions work for the organization, in contrast to companies that dwell too much on strategy and fail with execution. This approach, Sivaram believes, has never failed Zamstars and has established the company as an execution strong enterprise with several success stories testifying to its capability.

Helping Brands Forge a Strong Digital Presence
With Social Media now forming an integral part of the consumer’s everyday life, the internet provides widespread opportunities for organizations to increase their interactions with their customers and positively influence their brand image. However, aggressive social media strategies often result in over communication, where content is often consumed as entertainment and runs the risk of being lost in the digital clutter. On the other hand, organizations that don’t communicate adequately through their campaigns also risk losing their e-presence. Understanding these concerns, Zamstars helps its
clients create the required degree of communication with their customers by tracking and monitoring their Social handles in real-time. Zamstars accomplishes this with a plethora of Digital Marketing Services that encompass Content Marketing, Social Media Management(SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM/ PPC). Focusing extensively on creating high-quality and valuable content, the company’s Content Marketing services are designed to increase brand awareness and brand loyalty, and provide greater reach and conversions at a lower cost. Zamstars also manages and executes campaigns on numerous social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc., with special focus dedicated to customer engagement and lead generation. Understanding that the average life of a social media post does not span beyond 5 to 7 seconds, the company engineers creative methodologies of brand communication and also forecasts the frequency of communication, using its internally developed Zamalytics tool, to measure, analyze and observe the performance of campaigns across all digital platforms.

Additionally, Zamstars leverages upon its SEO expertise to help companies build their brand image more organically and attain better rankings on major search engines. The company recognizes that the archival and maintenance of websites at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) today remains a challenge owing to frequent changes in Google search engine algorithms and high competition. In order to meet this demand, Zamstars has been engaged in mastering SEO by keeping user-friendly experience at the center of its focus. “We at Zamstars work towards one goal i.e. ensuring users have a great experience and this in turn has helped us stay ahead of other major SEO players in the market,” explains Kuppachi. On the other hand, Zamstars also recognizes the importance of staying abreast with the latest trends and features, and thus employs a technical crew to remain updated and provide the best of Search Engine technology to its clients. Moreover, as a part of its Digital Transformation services, Zamstars creates engaging digital experiences for its clients and works to bring abstract business ideas to reality through its Web Design and Development Services. From static websites and ecommerce portals to highly interactive interfaces, the Zamstars team employs standard tools and technology platforms such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Word Press, Joomla and Magento, to design visually appealing experiences, attract qualified visitor traffic and the conversion of traffic into sales opportunities.

Working in tandem with Zamstars’ Branding and Marketing functions are the company’s Sales Enablement Solutions that equip organizations with the right information, statistics and tools to empower their sales activities. Believing sales to be both an art and a science, Zamstars furnishes its customers with a number of solutions including Funnel Management, Sales Team Management and Sales Closure functions. These solutions not only enable clients to acquire insights into the available sales opportunities but also provide them with a visibility of the revenue and opportunities to improve their Sales execution.

Future Engagements
Having lived, worked and travelled across the globe in 4 continents and 20+ countries and with a deep work and life experience of over two and half decades, Kuppachi firmly believes in building Zamstars as a true Growth Partner for Brands, anchored on Behavior and Execution. Beginning his career humbly, Kuppachi travelled from east to west (from Australia to USA covering 20+ countries) to explore opportunities in the field of sales and business development. The diverse knowledge base has helped him lead multiple companies from the front and understand the long-standing problem that bothers most businesses. A solution to this happens to be the genesis of Zamstars.

Over the last five years, Zamstars has rendered its services to a wide range of brands across different industries and has carved a niche for itself in the Digital marketing and Branding arena. The company is enroute to launching upgraded versions of its internal Zamalytics and ZamMP tools for its customers. It also aims to establish its operations beyond Bangalore and expand into the domestic and international markets in the upcoming years. Further, Zamstars also hopes to empower its team of zealous associates to further express themselves, and ensure the success of every brand that they serve, by driving a desire of better delivery. Seeking to infuse his team with this ideology, Kuppachi signs off saying, “No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.”

Turning Marketing Expenses into Investments
Zamalytics: Zamstars’ desire to transform marketing expenses into a measurable ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) served as the driving force for the genesis of Zamalytics. This powerhouse of marketing data enables its users to access all their data across social channels on a single dashboard. By allowing clients to access their brand’s insights on the platform with a unique login provided by Zamstars, Zamalytics eliminates the need to sign into multiple social media channels, while also facilitating a better understanding of social media through visuals like graphs and charts.

Zam S3: S3 is Zamstars’ answer to manage all business processes that involve handling of Customer Data, Customer Interactions and Relationships. Built as a CRM tool, S3 enables employees within organizations to manage their day-to-day sales functions, and understand the characteristics of both Consumer Behavior Quotients(CBQ) and Enterprise Business Quotients (EBQ). Comprising the four key features of Contacts, Companies, Leads, and Opportunities, the platform also facilitates the conversion of potential leads into opportunities.

ZamMP: With media buying and spend growing exponentially, marketing agencies are plagued by manual data analysis that involves the usage of spreadsheets from various data sources. Zamstars’ Media Planner (ZamMP) serves as the perfect automated tool to address these concerns. By eliminating manual spreadsheets, ZamMP not only reduces time-consumption and user-errors but also allows users to choose an optimal media plan as per their budget and requirements.